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About us

Vossy Hotels is the world's fastest growing and most dynamic collection of boutique hotels. Our team has years of experience in reviewing, rating and selecting the most interesting and innovative hotels, resorts and villas around the world.

We love hotels and our mission is to share this love by bringing to our audiences the best selection of boutique, luxury and lifestyle hotels.

We are constantly looking for newly built and newly opened hotels, newly renovated hotels as well as existing hotels that are less well known - the hidden gems of the hotel world.

At Vossy, we inspect, review and rate hotels regularly, adding new hotels that offer something different to the collection.

Our primary focus is on boutique hotels. That usually means independent hotels with less than 100 rooms and a unique style, theme or design. Many of these hotels are owner-operated.

We are however also interested in bigger luxury hotels and resorts that offer superior guest experiences or something else - a 'wow-factor' - that sets them apart. Some provide exceptional standards and service; others are special for their architecture and design.

We are interested in the trend toward 'smart luxury' or lifestyle hotels. This is a new breed of hotels that might be operated by a larger brand but is designed to provide a unique and boutique-style experience.

If you would like to request a review for inclusion of your hotel in the collection, please email us directly at and we'll send access you to our private Hotelier sign up section.

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